My weight loss adventure began with inspiration from the most unexpected place. I was reading some “light” fiction and it LIT me up. First, I need to tell a bit of the story of where I was at back then…

Mom and I Summer of 2017. I call this one, “The Cancer Battle-with a Smile.” That’s my Mom!!! #lovesurge #radiate

I was working 12-14 hour days, drinking and eating to excess, almost 300 pounds and completely miserable with my life. I was missing my then 8-year-old daughter living across the ocean with her Father

in Hawaii. I was a hot mess having just started a new stressful job right on the heels of a summer with my Mom here in Arizona, who is fighting Stage 4 cancer. In what free time I did have I was escaping into Netflix, books, food and too many bottles of vino. Try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to get a grip on life and I felt like it was spiraling out of my control.

Most of the time I looked more like this pic below–or, so I felt anyway. And here my Mom was battling cancer with love and a smile and I couldn’t get my head out of my ass…

This is how I felt inside. There could not be a better picture-miserable, hopeless. Sad.

Enter Inspiration: Samantha Bradford

One day while searching for some escape from feeling life, I ran into the books the Single Wide Female series called The Bucket List.  These are not deep intellectual type books, or even classified as self-help. Rather, these are fun fiction and a good clean escape. I identified with the heroine, Samantha Bradford, as she was a heavier girl and could relate to all the trials we go through as overweight women. Samantha is funny, free-loving, insecure and on a quest to love her body no matter the size. She started a blog and a bucket list of all the things she wanted to do and had not done because she was overweight. From skinny-dipping to trying to be an extra on a movie set, she took me on everyday simple life adventures while she overcame her insecurities. She was living my long forgotten dream of adventuring and writing! I ate these books up and, unbeknownst to me, I was becoming inspired by this quirky fictional creatures life.

Everyday Adventure Bucket List

As Samantha successfully ticked off items on her bucket list like a professional marksman, a light bulb went off for me—a first of many this past year. Why NOT start an everyday adventure list? I have had vision boards for as long as I can remember (I firmly believe this is how I was living on the beach in Hawaii for the 5 years before and reached many other “visions” on my boards). I also have extravagant bucket lists–my BIG dream list, but I didn’t really have an everyday bucket list. A list with new things I wanted to try that I could do right outside my front door, many of them free! I started one that day. My criteria was that they not be expensive and things I could make happen fairly easily. I was not sure I would ever have the gumption to get out of my bed, to stop my latest NetFlix binge and try them, but I started it anyway. I still have that list today although it’s expanded now and I’ve checked off many items. Anytime I think I would like to try something, I add it to Slayer’s Everyday Adventure List. This was four months before the Birth of Slayer, my future self skinny girl persona, but for our purposes of the list we will keep the name.

So, thank you Lillian Blake and Samantha for helping me get my head out of my ass and turning my life around. I’m forever grateful.

Slayer’s Everyday Adventure Bucket List started 11/2017

Completed from my everyday bucket list:

Yet to come (in no particular order)

Wanderlust cruise -4 months MSC cruises
White water rafting
Iowa TM weekend (meditation retreat)
Mystery dinner
Play Pickleball

Aerial Yoga

Hot air balloon ride
Pig and pickle
Wrigley mansion dinner
Mystery Dinner
Musicals and Theatre passes
Pilates Machine Class
See Broadway show in NYC
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Visit Krudo
Yoga retreat
Life coach school-self coaching scholars
Ice skate in Central Park at Xmas
Eat pasta in Italy
Broadway show in NYC
Motorcycle rides-Saguaro Lake, Sedona, FLW house and Payson run, PCH
Write a Book
Havasau Falls hike/camp
Become a YouTuber
Cooking Class
WhiteWater Rafting
Moon ritual
Goddess ritual

8 Responses

  1. You can check “Start a blog” off that list! Wow! You look amazing now. The essence of you shines through your photos. What a difference.

  2. Holy shit we have a lot of the same things on the bucket lists. Even across the country we are aligned. Warriors at heart man! Heart chirps to singing! Storm Sword Warrior!! Looking forward to this journey

    1. Storm Sword Warrior!! It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you and share our plans and this adventure! I can’t wait to see more of your soulshine!! xoxo Slayer

  3. YES!! I need to make a bucket list for me!! I still need my 100 things too. Thank you so much for the inspiration you provide all day EVERY day!!

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