Slay 35 Cinco de Slayo Videos

Slay 35 Challenge 5/5/19 – 6/9/19 Slayer Stats: 5’9″ Start Weight: 288 Jan 2018Slay 35 5/5/19 205.6Goal by 6/9/19 192 Slay 35 Kick Off Cinco de Slayo Week One Planning, ME First, the Brain In this 1 hour episode: Planners/Planning, Slayer Parfait, Squirrels, Slay Sisters, Morning Pages, Finish by Jon Acoff and more! Slay 35 […]

About Slay 35 Challenges

We just kicked off Cinco de Slayo and I thought I would bring the YouTube world up to speed on the Slay Sister badassary on Facebook… I started the first LIVE challenge on Facebook to really kick my own ass in gear. I had gotten a little slack in Q4 of 2018 and Slayer, my […]

The Troll Slay

I made it BIG. I got trolled on social. I was doing a pleasant enough (read: minimal cussing) end-of-challenge LIVE on my Facebook page about slaying 11.4 pounds more in these 35 days of the challenge Namaslayer and mid live video I found myself fielding nasty comments from some trolls. The trolls were saying things […]

Slay that Smile Sisters

Slay your Smile with Charcoal Yep, this isn’t a BBQ–this is time to get those stains off the teeth! You might think this has nothing to do with weight loss and heart sing, but you would be wrong. Slay Sisters can’t be walking around like badass Super Heroes with dirty teeth. They must sparkle! Inside […]

Slayer Parfait

#slayerparfait Slay the Parfait! I can’t wait to see what spin you put on yours! Don’t forget the hashtag. Let’s start a cult of #slayerparfait eaters…beginning with you. Give it a try. It’s really amazing-nails the sweet tooth, it’s filling, sugar free/gluten free and delish! I buy the Greek yogurt and berries wherever I’m shopping–yes […]


You Can Slay a Plan… Being inline with my future self, Slayer, takes some planning and thought work. When you learn to slay your goals you get PUMPED up! I get asked a lot about what planner I use, how to make Slayer Parfait, and other such slayin’ weight loss type of questions. So, I […]