Slay Sisters

The Winter Warriors of Namaslayer I created Namaslayer to document my weight loss adventure and it has turned into a place for inspiration and sisterhood! As I’m sitting in Hawaii (mostly with my feet on the warm ground, sand in my ass-crack, and sunshine on my face) I’m being inspired by my Slay Sisters across […]

Namaslayer Squirrels

What the Squirrel? 🐿 🐿 You may be wondering what all these squirrels are around my blog, or perhaps you landed on this post first and now you will be in the “know” right away. Part of the Namaslayer online culture that has developed on my Facebook LIVE videos is to throw some squirrels at […]

Namaslayer Culture

Get Slayed My Witches & Bitches, Squirrels, Slayer Parfait… Over the past year or so that I have been documenting my online weight loss adventure at Namaslayer on Facebook, the community has adapted some cultural norms and I thought it best to have it explained in one area–hence you reading this words now. From squirrels […]

Super Slayer – Invincible Heroes

I needed a cape today so Super Slayer could fly… My cape came in a form of running pants. They made me run like the wind from meditation mountain all the way to my secret tunnel. My hair was blowing in the wind, Soulshine blasting in my ears and my feet luckily finding purchase as […]

Bucket Full of Slay

My weight loss adventure began with inspiration from the most unexpected place. I was reading some “light” fiction and it LIT me up. First, I need to tell a bit of the story of where I was at back then…