Slayin’ The Model

Awareness is a weight loss superpower. Learning The Model, as taught by Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School was one of the “clicking” moments of my weight loss journey. Understanding this process of the think-act-feel cycle in a tool that can help you practice getting results is a huge accelerated to your goals. It’s […]

Habit Stacks

Learning to create habits has been one of the keys to my weight loss success and over all well being.

Slay that Smile Sisters

Slay your Smile with Charcoal Yep, this isn’t a BBQ–this is time to get those stains off the teeth! You might think this has nothing to do with weight loss and heart sing, but you would be wrong. Slay Sisters can’t be walking around like badass Super Heroes with dirty teeth. They must sparkle! Inside […]