Slay 35 Challenge 5/5/19 – 6/9/19

Left-Slayer at 202.4 5/8/19
Right- Slayer at 278 2/8/19

Slayer Stats: 5’9″
Start Weight: 288 Jan 2018
Slay 35 5/5/19 205.6
Goal by 6/9/19 192

Slay 35 Kick Off Cinco de Slayo Week One Planning, ME First, the Brain In this 1 hour episode: Planners/Planning, Slayer Parfait, Squirrels, Slay Sisters, Morning Pages, Finish by Jon Acoff and more!
Slay 35 Day 1 Mountain AM LIVE 5/6/19 “ME first!”–My 88 pound loss mantra. Selfishness can be a good quality. It’s OKAY to put YOU first.
Slay 35 Day 2 AM LIVE Yoga Slayer-Dance & Stretch TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR WEIGHT LOSS– Primal brain training-THE URGE JAR
Slay 35 Day 3 Mountain AM LIVE 5/8/19 Weight loss planning vacations, mindset and decisions
SLAY35 Day4 Planning Assesing, Urge Jar struggles
Slay35 Day5 Week 1 Warp up Mountain Top Slayer- ME First, planning, learning, Keep positivism in your ear. Feed yourself the messages that help propel you toward your goal!
Mother’s Day LIVE with MiniSlayer Slay 35 Week 2 Challenge Sunday Tea Time Adaption
Slay35 Day 8 Hunger Scale and Mindful Eating
Slay35 Day 18 Habit Contracts and Accountability

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