Pictured here with Super Slayer in the Namaslayer Lair is the postcard I have carried with me for years and started the Slayer Mantra.

The Slayer Mantra – Make every day a weekend!

We are working on visualization and creating our superheroes this week during our challenge in the Facebook group on Namaslayer. I have been writing and creating this vision for well over a year now and the FEELING of this day I have started to create daily. It has also expanded since I first started writing it out. It now has much more detail.

My perfect day goes a little something like this…

I rise before the sun and stretch languidly as the excitement of a new day enters my heart. I can’t wait to get going! I smell the coffee that was brewed in perfect timing for my rising. I swing my feet out of my pristine 5-star hotel quality white oasis of a bed and breathe in deeply as I again stretch overhead with gratitude and love in my heart for another amazing day.

I look out over the mountain and city through my floor to ceiling windows in awe of the beauty unfolding before me in the pre-dawn light. I patter into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and head out to the lanai.

Out on my lanai off the living room area, I am surrounded by plants and a pool to the right. This retreat overlooks the valley of the sun. As much as I want to live somewhere tropical, my body likes the Earth here in the desert; the heat and the dry air are my friends.

My journal awaits me and my morning pages begin.

After I write my morning pages, I review my plan for the day and then head in to my meditation room. The sun is full in the sky now and I run through some sun salutations and set my intention for the day. I then do my first of two TM 20-minute meditations.

Now with the singing in my heart, I head out into my mountain for a hike and sunshine. I run a little bit just from joy, not from a need to burn calories, or be fit. because I am and it’s not a concern or worry. It just IS. I run for a bit just because my heart is singing and my light powerful body wants to move like the superhero she is-from power, grace and athleticism.

A small portion of my Vision Wall (yes, it’s a wall now). Some of these pics I have moved with me. The weight loss photos were on my vision board in Hawaii for years and started my wall here in AZ in 2017

As I reach my mountain peak, I remove my shoes and connect fully with the Earth. I update my Slay Sisters on how magical the day is and then I turn my communications off and enjoy the majesty of the Earth. I connect and feel the energy race through me. My heart is still singing.

After I soak up some sun, I walk back into town and enjoy a cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop as I fill my head with knowledge for the day. This could be reading, a podcast, a program to listen too. New ideas to continue building my brain and superpowers.

I head back home to shower in my glassed in bathroom overlooking the mountain below and around me. I am full of wonder and gratitude for the earth and this experience of life. I dance naked and wildly in the shower to my latest “thumbs up” list and get ready to slay my day.

Creating something to share the magic…

I create for three hours. Maybe I record a podcast or video. Something to share this magic with the world and how powerful this vision can be to creating everything you want in life.

I do this in my office, which is lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves on one wall and the windows open to the earth on the other. Audio visual equipment, computers, everything I need for my craft has it’s place is an inspirational cave of magic for me to create within.

Oh, Sylvia!

As it nears lunch time, Sylvia, my personal chef and housekeeper enters with my Slayer Parfait that she has prepared for me. She freshens up my coffee and we chat briefly. She goes off about making sure the house is set for the day: fresh, fluffy white towels, groceries, meal plans, cleaning. She helps me keep everything in order. I am so grateful for her heart and help.

After I create, I head off to meet my girls for High Tea. Still one of our favorite activities. Getting dressed up and wearing fun hats while eating little sandwiches and enjoying the pianist overlooking an amazing view with great service. Sometimes this is just a luncheon with girlfriends.

This “meal time” is not about the food however, it is about the ambiance, the connection with loved ones, and the experience of the Universal connection between all of our souls, our energy.

Off to meet up with Mr. Slayer…

I then head out on an afternoon adventure on my motorcycle, blasting music and enjoying my heart racing. I meet up with the love of my life and we enjoy a ride together and do TM overlooking the lake together as the sunsets.

We ride home, put the bikes in the bat cave under the mountainside villa we call our home.

Once inside, we strip down and head to the pool which is warm and we dive in, swimming a bit as we get to the edge overlooking the lights of the city. We talk and dream and share ideas. We plan what adventures we will do next and where we will explore.

I know ultimately that no matter what adventure I am on, there are parts of this vision that are now a reality and bring my heartsing daily.

I will repeat those every day, no matter where I am and I will create a perfect day, every day. No matter what the name of the day is, where I am or what the circumstance is that day.

I create my reality.

I choose for every day to be a weekend.

For every day to be magical.

I choose heartsing.

Morning Pages. TM. Plans. Activity. Earth. These bring me magic.



From my vision wall. windows open to the world. I want to wake up in nature and be open to the world throughout my home. I want to LIVE in the awe of the Universe which is nature.

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    1. Iron Woman, LOL! It does, of course. Someone will have to keep an eye on the lair as I’m off on world Slay Sister tour of inspiration and light! 😉 xoxo Slayer

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