I needed a cape today so Super Slayer could fly…

Superhero Slayer Pants-I’ve had these on my closet door, bought on clearance and afraid to try them on because they were a Large. Well, I was feeling pretty invincible so I figured what the heck!

My cape came in a form of running pants. They made me run like the wind from meditation mountain all the way to my secret tunnel. My hair was blowing in the wind, Soulshine blasting in my ears and my feet luckily finding purchase as I flew down the mountain trail.

If I had a cape, I would have soared over the mountain tops!

My heart was bursting with joy and my body was just moving with the vibration. Those that know me well, know that I can be often heard saying I HATE to run. Today my body was having none of that as the spirit and soul of Super Slayer took over and I was moving with the Earth.

I was a woman possessed. Taken ahold of by a soul that I had let go dormant too long.

I had not fed nor exercised my brain muscles and had been living an apathetic existence. I almost missed my greatness. Almost. Everything that happens in life leads us to this moment we are living. It brings us to the next moment when we have a choice to be great or just exist.

Every little decision we make–weather I choose to play on Facebook for an hour or get out the door and plant my feet in the Earth, find my radiance and THEN Facebook live about it on Namaslayer .

Those decisions add up and can deliver us to our true intentions in life. Now that I’m not buffering my emotions and can feel the greatness, it is amazingly overwhelming to the point where I weep from the enormity and gratitude of it all!

Rise up and Slay my Sisters! Find your greatness.



The 5 AM Club

Sunrise at Lanikai beach 8/2018. I got my morning pages and meditation in while the world was barely stirring and then caught this glorious sunrise and yoga class. I will be back in Hawaii next week and this is one of the benefits of the 5 AM club I will be sure to share.

Just over a year ago I was the Queen of the Snooze Button. I got up just in time to get ready for work (7 or later). Since finding my heart sing in the mornings my world has become magical. I’m so excited to get up I can hardly sleep through the night!

This week I’ve been listening to The 5 AM Club. I’m not even through Chapter 12 and I’m already screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I am always struck by how the Universe brings to us knowledge and inspiration when we need it and when it will best suit us. If you are listen and are open to hearing them, the whispers are there. Once you learn to listen, you cannot ignore them. The butterflies start to swirl around you and your feet take off flying down mountain trails! Sometimes, when you ignore the whispers too long, the Universe gets pissed and rocks your world. I’m choosing to listen now.

LIVE 5/23/19 Influenced by the 5 AM Club and building amazing habits.

My whispers came today as the Magnate, the wealthy billionaire teacher in the 5 AM club started to talk about heroes. What?! Volume up! I had just written the post about needing a cape! I feel invincible today and I am channeling Super Slayer, a superhero form of my future self, Slayer.

🐿 Squirrel –Super Slayer background

I started a Slay30 challenge on my Facebook Namaslayer page. My goal is to lose 12 pounds in 30 days (2/11/19-3/13/19). I exceeded my goals this week by fine tuning my details, assessing my plans and changing my thoughts to truly slay my days. My morning routine has been key, and fine tweaking the details has been essential to losing 3 pounds a week. I really felt invincible as I stepped on the scale this morning. Even had it not reflected the number I was working toward, I was Super Slayer!

“Morning hours are when heroes are made….winning starts at your beginning. “

–The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma
Part of my morning routine, I write three pages every morning (“Morning Pages” per The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The third page is magic. Then I refine my 24 plan for the day. This is an Inner Guide 90 Day Planner, which I love. Transcendental Meditation is key as well.

I have been unwittingly building an AM world class routine over this past year. The book by Sharma is about so much more than just getting up at 5 AM. This is about finding our greatness and our purpose. We all have the capacity to live exceptional lives we just don’t tap in. Great masters of the world rise before the sun and spend time alone, by themselves. Like I have done this year, with morning pages, meditation and hiking my mountain. I had no idea this would cultivate my genius. But it has. It has lit my creativity, my inner child and my very soul.

“The hero does not become great during periods of comfort. The illustrious and noble souls of our world became strong, brave and moral whilst standing resolutely in the storms of adversity, difficulty and doubt. It is in the moment you face your deepest weakness that you receive your change to forge your greatest strengths.”

The Magnate again, from The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

Heroes are every where I look today! We are strong and can weather and face any storm. In fact, we become greater from facing turbulent times. We find our radiance deep inside ourselves and then share it through our passions and light up this world! Don’t be afraid to find your shine and to get outside your comfort zone. Don’t let life roll by any longer. Take action. And don’t forget to exercise your brain muscle. They get bigger too!

We need more heroes. Find your purpose. Listen to the whispers of The Universe. Tell her you are ready.



She will here you. Sing it! Shout it! Find your why! -Super Slayer

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  1. This was so beautiful to read. We have al come so far in mind spirit and heart… I am so glad to be part of Slay Sisters we are truly amazing and we can conquer anything …. I’m so proud of you Addie. ⚔️🥰⚔️ #Blade

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