Today I posted this video from about 15 months ago and 80 pounds heavier than where I am today, May of 2019. I had just started Transcendental Meditation and found the PNP Groupies (group from PhitNPhat). I started making small decisions that have added up and changed my entire world.

Looking back on this girl now I have such love and admiration for her. How much harder it was for my body (and my mind) then to get up and hike up that mountain. I remember how out of breathe I would be for what now would be the equivalent of a nice stroll.

The inner struggles I would have as this was not yet a habit and took a lot of inner dialogue to get me out of the door and start making decisions that would benefit me and move me forward. SMALL changes.

I’m so friggin’ proud of myself. That I didn’t give up. That I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I started believing. That I started to invest in ME and not just a quick way out.

Kick ass Pre-Slayer Addie! You fucking rock and I’m so proud to be you and me. Our dark shadow side, our light side, our superhero and imperfect human. LOVE SURGE!

Believe hard. Dream bigger. Small changes will change your world.

Identify who you want to become. Start to make small decisions from that place.

What would Slayer do?



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