Get Slayed My Witches & Bitches, Squirrels, Slayer Parfait…

Over the past year or so that I have been documenting my online weight loss adventure at Namaslayer on Facebook, the community has adapted some cultural norms and I thought it best to have it explained in one area–hence you reading this words now.

From squirrels and Witches and Bitches, to Slayer’s favorite tools to use and why, I shall gather all the Namaslayer culture here, like a squirrel hoards their acorns for the winter 🐿 Heh. See what I did there?

“I gotta get Slayed…”

Get Slayed–this is what you say when you are getting on a Namaslayer LIVE. Proper use of this would be, “I’m sorry, I can’t do XYZ right now, I have to get Slayed!” #getslayed

Be on the watch for new cultural items so you can stay in the know on all things Namaslayer. Whether it’s right here on the blog, or on Facebook, please join in and have some fun!

After all, what is life without creating fun?

Let’s Slay it you Witches and Bitches–

Post and share your Namaslayer Culture insights here!


Slayer 🐉

P.S. Don’t forget to Get Slayed today and check out the squirrels.

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  1. Namaslayer is a place you can laugh, giggle, tell the truth, ask for support, learn how to make yummy Slayer Parfait and most importantly you can talk about poo 💩 or the lack of the ability to have one. It’s all good! It’s fun and real! You get to live into your future self! Go #beast! Thanks for doing this #slayer! You have inspired me to kick my own butt and just do this thing! You have also helped me look at the scale as data and to not get anxious about a number. I hope more gals will jump on live! We have fun! 😍

    1. Beast! Ah, the Slayer Parfait and the Poo! I can’t believe I was so remiss as to not have made a Poo Post first about our Namaslayer Culture! We do have fun! And that is what it’s all about! Creating fun, not consuming it! So happy you are here for the ride!! xoxo Slayer

  2. Love this!! Watching you “sort your squirrels” and reach your goals makes me remember the dreams I lost site of…still have potential. I CAN do this and your support and sharing of your journey has helped me open my eyes and pull my head out of the sand! Thank for reminding me how important my Soulshine is. How did I lose that somewhere??? We can all slay this 💩 !! Goal: Heartsing. Thank you Slayer, you have made a difference💕 I think your purpose is unfolding before our eyes!🌞✌🏻

    1. Soulshine and Heartsing! Yes! I’m so lit up about finding this again too and I’m so glad me sharing has inspired you! I can’t wait to see what is to be. Although I can already see it–but the path is building up! Happy to be slaying with you my sister! xoxo Slayer

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