The Winter Warriors of Namaslayer

INSPIRATION! Weather won’t stop these badass witches and bitches!
Mary biking 100 miles in the sleet, Lisa F-no excuses for not grounding, Karen catching her own dinner-ice fishing, Jill off on a subzero hike, Susan K- she’s in there somewhere braving the cold WI air, and Lesa the Blade getting her grounding on as well-and also coined our “Slay Sister” name!

I created Namaslayer to document my weight loss adventure and it has turned into a place for inspiration and sisterhood! As I’m sitting in Hawaii (mostly with my feet on the warm ground, sand in my ass-crack, and sunshine on my face) I’m being inspired by my Slay Sisters across the country that are out there slaying the day. Not a day passes that I don’t see an amazing adventure of some type posted and it inspires me right back!

Slay Sisters in the SNOW grounding! Or ice fishing, biking 100 miles in the sleet and rain, and hiking! I’m beyond inspired by these warrior women that have landed on Namaslayer and as much as you look to me for inspiration, I’m getting it in return ten-fold.

It’s only right to balance out the cold weather with some paradise pics. I mean, after all, the Universe likes balance! Ha! I did bring some drama in it for you Mainlanders. xo

What is a Slay Sister you ask?

I’m still in the processing of this mind slay, but post meditation yesterday, when my heart was still singing, I wrote the following:

A badass wild woman warrior who shows up as her true self to each day. She looks for adventure where others may find bore dome. She raises her sisters up and doesn’t chop them at the knees. She is badass enough to hold her greatness and shine the light on others. Slay Sisters are finding their voices and sharing it–unapologetic for who they are and how their voice sings.

Witches & Bitches – Slay Sisters for Life

She is becoming in alignment with the Universe and the calling of her soul. She is not scared by the majesty or magic of it all. She embraces her witchy nature (yes, I said witchy–you can add bitchy in here too, it works), puts her feet to the ground and rises up in the face of adversity. 🐿 Slay Sisters are all superheroes in their own right. Check out more on superheroes here.

A Slay Sister looks for the whispers of the Universe to find her true path to radiance. Basically, every nerve is LIT THE F UP! She is on fire. She feels it in her blood, and she starts to radiate. She gives energy to those around her and brings joy to the world!

The Slay Sister creates fun, and doesn’t have to consume it. She looks for a tree to swing from instead of a bottle to pour. She writes when she’s troubled and doesn’t head to the fridge. Food is for fuel and energy to express her heart sing through her physical self. She shows up for herself first and is able to give 100 fold more to the world because she does.

Why stay on the path when there are perfectly good trees out there that need climbing and swinging from?
🐿 Ooooo…bucket list for the summer! A watering hole in AZ with a rope swing!

Slay Sisters are personal detectives!

The weight on our bodies, and in our minds is just a symptom of us needing to feel our emotions, to adventure and find our true purpose. Why are we uncomfortable? What do we need to be doing? What was that urge for? What does your soul want? These are all questions we are working through together and as we find our voices, forging new sisterhoods and focusing on self-growth we are lighting this world up! Not to mention as we learn to slay our days the pounds are falling off! Becoming the observer of our emotions and re-framing our thoughts is key to slaying our goals and Slay Sisters practice this daily. All day.

Plan, assess, execute-build the life you want and the pounds will follow! Take time for your inner self, meditate, find some solitude and time to THINK and be present and then SLAY IT!

I can’t wait to see what we create and what fun we can find in each and every day!

Let’s start the fire Slay Sisters!

I know Karen sure could use one up in her ice fishing hut 😉


Slayer 🐉

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  1. I have just started checking out your Facebook and blog, a friend from another weight loss group said to check you out. I just want to say that I love love love!!!

    1. Carri!! Thank you so much! I’m starting a Slay35 challenge today/starts tomorrow if you want to join us to slay it! Any goal works and you can hop in any time!I would love to have you join us Slay Sisters! Can I ask what other Weightloss group? Not PhitNPhat? Slay your day sister! xoxo Slayer

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