Slay your Smile with Charcoal

Yep, this isn’t a BBQ–this is time to get those stains off the teeth! You might think this has nothing to do with weight loss and heart sing, but you would be wrong. Slay Sisters can’t be walking around like badass Super Heroes with dirty teeth. They must sparkle! Inside and out. Shine sister shine! Radiate!

I shared this tip with my Slay Sisters on Facebook today LIVE. I’ve been brushing my teeth with Activated Charcoal for nearly a decade now. It removes stains like a mofo. It’s magic…and we all know how I love magic.

It doesn’t taste but it sure looks a bit crazy. It’s really fun to start brushing, get your mouth all black and nasty and then run around the house and try to kiss everyone. *SO FUN* It’s also amazing because removes coffee and tea stains, red wine and feels like you were just at the dentist!

I use the capsules below (well, I’ve had them for like 10 years). Now there are all kinds of people selling them in containers all fancy and shit. Um, this will last you forever and makes it easy to share the tip with a friend in a baggy. Now everyone can have white clean teeth! Pass this on…save the world one smile at a time.

Don’t forget by clicking the link above that you will be aiding and abetting my Starbucks Cappuccino habit. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Slay it Sisters! Shine those teeth up!



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