10 minutes in on the video I get into the Habit Stack…in case you want to pass some of the cute Slay Sister bullshitting that happens on the LIVE.

Creating habits stacks I love has been one of the major keys to my success. Much of this I did unwittingly and I would like to save you some of the pain! Here you can see my stack and I get in to explaining some of the details and why in the video.

I’m loving this new tool I created for myself based on the habit stacking concept that I picked up reading James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits (link below) but first, the latest Slayer creation.

DIY Slayer’s Habit Stacker

Magnetic strips of move-able changeable habits to stack for our ever evolving superhero habits.

All you need is the dry erase strip below, markers, and something magnets will stick to!


Buy Slayer some coffee foam and use these links to shop…

The Artist’s Way is the book that houses the #morningpages info. Also pictured is the foam, on the coffee. It’s appreciated! Best coffee ever!

 â€œAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 😉

Slay those Habits Slay Sisters! More on habits soon! Check out the book, and James Clear in your inbox puts getting slayed to a whole knew level.



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