You Can Slay a Plan…

Being inline with my future self, Slayer, takes some planning and thought work. When you learn to slay your goals you get PUMPED up!

I get asked a lot about what planner I use, how to make Slayer Parfait, and other such slayin’ weight loss type of questions. So, I figured why not put it all here and create a one-stop shop and somewhere to refer to? This is also where I get to make sure you know that if it’s under the Amazon links “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” While it is not going to make me rich if you click here, it might buy some more Slayer Parfait, so by all means, shop away. Heh.

My Planning Madness–LOVE!!!

🐿 DISCLAIMER: I did not start out this way! I never thought I would write LOVE!!! and planning in the same sentence. This is the result of trial and error over the past year of what works for me and I now enjoy the planning! WOW!

One of my first plans circa 3/10/18

DO NOT let the below planning overwhelm and stop you from action–any kind of action, like writing your food on scrap paper! You do not NEED this to lose 75+ pounds! My plans were like above for the first 35 pounds! Writing your food down and assessing it is the most important part of this process and as I got better at it I wanted to be more efficient. Meet yourself where you are today. Just know these tools are out there and may be they will work for you too! The 90-day planner was a game changer for me!

You got this! We are going to slay this shit! Here’s how I do it…

Clockwise from Left: Franklin Covey Monthly At-A-Glance for must make appointments at work, Inner Guide 90-day for goal making and daily planning (top right), Inner Guide Weekly/Annual for Weekly Planning/some goal setting.

How I Plan My Week

You can see above I have three planners (plus an Outlook planner for work I check when weekly planning. The at-a-glance Franklin Covey monthly planner is for work appointments only. It has taken awhile for me to adjust to my new mobile job duties and figure this out (I’m a Regional Property Manager for a large Property Management Company).

In the weekly/annual planner (second link below) I plot out WHERE I will be, what and when I will be able to get activity in. I then pop in my food for the week and go shopping. I did not start out this way. This is the end result of a year of forging new, awesome habits. You can do it too! Start small. Write your food down.

That being said, the time I spend doing this is paid back ten fold in results. I highly recommend the 90-day planner to get started. DO the front portion to set your goals and determine your obstacles. It will help you start to get focused and uncover what you want to be doing and give you greater focus. Weekly planning I probably spend about 30 minutes now if I’m not Facebooking. heh

Food Prepping I do very little of still. I have been Whole Foods shopping for prepped foods and I whip it together in the AM. Follow me on Facebook for more food prep details and what I eat.

The 90-day planner is where my real work comes in…

How I Plan and Assess my Day

The boxes are my food on the right side of the schedule. I assess in the Daily check in section on the right. I kind of just make it work for me. What I love? The reminders to focus on the really important stuff–visualization, main goal, gratitude and creativity!!

I use the 90 day planner to plan my Quarters (the first link below- The Life Coach in a book) and also for Daily planning. I really like the beginning of this planner and how it helps me focus on my main goal for that time, but also secondary goals as well as things I need to work on daily and I choose two of these to focus on a day (success habit builders).

There is a brain storming/vision making area and I love to do this each Quarter! I find annual goals will shift and then when I have it pre-plotted it’s discouraging at times. Quarterly is the perfect amount of time to really make some progress and make a shift if you want or need to for the next Quarter. For example, my goals with Namaslayer have evolved over the year from what I initially thought my intention was. I always want to be dedicated to my vision, but also flexible to listen to the whispers of the Universe!

Daily–I plug in my daily plan from my weekly at night. I revisit this plan after my Morning Pages, briefly and make any last minute necessary adjustments. At the end of the day I assess how my day went and then plan the next day in detail!

Once you get in the rhythm this takes very little time from my day and saves me GOBS of decision brain energy!!

The Inner Guide Planner 90 day (for Quarterly and Daily)

The Inner Guide Annual/Weekly Planner

The Inner Guide 2019 annual I use for weekly planning. I did some of the goal setting, but I use this more to lay out my week and then I use the daily/quarterly to really get down to it. I’m often at different locations so I map out my work schedule, insert activity and then food. I love it!

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  1. This page is great! I’m currently working out of two planners and a journal along with my work calendar that is synced to all of my computer and phones. I’m an HR Director/Office Manager for a Graphic Design Firm. So I have to stay on top of my daily, weekly and monthly life! Organization is Key. I’m definitely ordering that Life Coach Planner Journal. Slay the day!

    1. #faith. Yes, without this organization I was a mess personally. It’s made such a different. I really like the plotting my week and then dropping the food and activity in around what HAS to be, and then I make my activity and ME time as non-negotiable as possible. Often I will act as if I have an “appointment”. People will assume the Dr., but it might be a “ME” appointment! ME first! I’m a better leader, mother, friend, employee. Slay it Sister! So happy to have met you and be on the slay with you! xoxo Slayer

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