We just kicked off Cinco de Slayo and I thought I would bring the YouTube world up to speed on the Slay Sister badassary on Facebook…

I started the first LIVE challenge on Facebook to really kick my own ass in gear. I had gotten a little slack in Q4 of 2018 and Slayer, my future self 162 pound superhero self, wasn’t having this living in apathy mentality again.

We just kicked off another Slay35 Challenge today on Cinco de Slayo 😉 on the Facebook Namaslayer page. Basically, you pick any goal–for me it’s a weight loss goal to get to 192 and then I will be exactly 30 pounds from my GOAL GOAL! What?! Mindblowing! I started at 288 January 2018 and to be in this position would have been so unimaginable at the beginning.

Around about March/April as I neared 262 it started to click and I was hooked and learning more and more! I’ve had many teachers on this journey and I’m sharing everything I have learned (and more) as I slay the rest of my way to goal.

Join in! Have fun! It’s free and packed with information and hopefully you will find some inspiration.

What to Expect this Slay35 (5/5/19)

My goal is to get to 192 by the end of the 5 weeks, June 9th. I started January 2018 at 288. Almost to 100 pounds slayed. Whoop!


*Times are subject to change and I will be sure to notify you if that happens in the story and feed. I am going to do my best to stick to this for Slay35 so you can plan too.

Slay it Sisters! Whoop!








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