Slay the Parfait! I can’t wait to see what spin you put on yours! Don’t forget the hashtag. Let’s start a cult of #slayerparfait eaters…beginning with you. Give it a try. It’s really amazing-nails the sweet tooth, it’s filling, sugar free/gluten free and delish!

I buy the Greek yogurt and berries wherever I’m shopping–yes you can sub and alternate if you don’t do dairy. Make it your own. I use the base ingredients-recipe below-in so many things. I always have them on hand and in my Amazon cart!

Slayer Parfait Variations

Get creative and make it your own! Maybe you don’t dig the chia seeds or cacao nibs-sub some pumpkin seeds or another texture. Tweak until you love it. These ingredients hit my chocolate need and the coconut/fruit nails the sweet. I do many different things with these base ingredients.

One my favorite variations is Slayer Banana Ice Cream. You just peel and freeze a banana then let it thaw for about 10 minutes and mush it up with the base ingredients. Voila! Banana Ice Cream! Sometimes I will throw the yogurt in for more substance and possibly some fruit or all nut butter. Did your mouth just water? This post is driving me to a storm eat!

Check out Slayer Pancake Parfait pictured below. When you pour the pancake mix on the griddle, let the bubbles form on top and gently drop your fruit and base ingredients in evenly to the bubbled up batter. Flip it carefully! After it cooks through, cut it and plate it. #MiniSlayer uses Kodiak Pancakes, which taste much better than my gluten free version. Regardless, Slayer Pancake Parfait does not need syrup, IMHO.

Slayer Parfait Pancakes with Blueberries (YUM!!!)

Check out the Facebook Slayer Parfait prep video here:
Slayer Parfait

Slayer Parfait Recipe

All to serving sizes on packages if you are in to measuring stuff πŸ™„

Don’t ask me the calories…why would I know that? We are learning to eat until we are satisfied, not kill brain cells with calorie counting (we need those for talking about poo and squirrels–important shit)! #pnprules

BASE Slayer Parfait Ingredients
πŸ‰ Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
πŸ‰ Cocoa Nibs
πŸ‰ Sliced almonds

πŸ‰ Chia Seeds

Standard #slayerparfait Add-Ins

πŸ‰ Greek yogurt (2-5%) yes fat, no sugar
πŸ‰ Berries/fruit for sweetness (if your fruit is bitter the parfait will be too and you may need a sweetner pack to start…or pick better fruit.

Warning: if you don’t measure it can quickly become a coconut/cocoa nibs parfait so keep an eye on it as they are dense. this is very filling and makes quite a bit. I often split and eat this in two sittings.

Slayer Parfait Supplies

Note: I LOVE the jarred Cocao nibs pictured here from Sprouts, but they are much more expensive. I replenish my jar with these listed below and they are good.

This is the part where I tell you β€œAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” If you click these links you MAY buy me the foam on top of a cappuccino at Starbucks :). HEH. I figure, what the hell?! I like foam! Shop away my Slay Sisters.

Don’t forget the nuts!

🐿 Guys–I’m Sincerely NUTS! They won’t let me post more than 3 links with pics for some reason so this is the link to my favorite NUTS. Any sliced almonds will do, but these are yummy! Don’t 🐿eat nuts?!

Sincerely Nuts – Raw Cashews Whole and Unsalted | Two lbs. Bag | Deluxe Kosher Snack Food | Healthy Source of Protein, Vitamin & Mineral Nutritional Content | Gourmet Quality Vegan Cashew Nut

#slayerparfait World Wide Craze

Slay the Parfait! I can’t wait to see what spin you put on yours! Don’t forget the hashtag. Let’s start a cult of #slayerparfait eaters. I can see it now. It will be a phenomenon across the world. “Yo, I like your SlayerParfait dude. What cacao nibs do you use?”

#slayerparfait Yeah, there’s yogurt on my lip! So what? You try to prep it and not grabass! πŸ˜‰



6 Responses

  1. I eat slayer parfait (minus the chai seeds) every single day for breakfast. And on Saturday I put it on top of chocolate kodiak pancakes. My preference is Dannon Light-n-Fit vanilla Greek yogurt. So good!

    Often I will just use dried cranberries or raisin instead of fresh or frozen fruit. They are good, but it also allows me to prep all my ingredients in a ziplock bag 1-2 weeks in advance and just store them at my office. Then I just need to grab the prepackaged cup of yogurt out of my fridge in the morning. I am all about having as little to think about my food as possible.

    I am so glad you have been posting this recipe for a while. Thanks Slayer!

    1. Sandra- I love your modifications! Great ideas! I think it always morphs into something! LOL! So many variations! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Slayer

  2. I will have to try the pancakes. Sounds yummy! I may not do the cocoa nibs though, I seriously binge if I have any sweets, even that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love love love my Slayer-Sunshine parfait! I add PB powder, chia seeds, mini choc chips & a banana. I could eat this every morning!

    1. Oh YUMMMM!!! Yes, I had to taper myself too! LOL! It’s almost TOO good! I love the Sunshine Starr version!! xoxo Slayer

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