Awareness is a weight loss superpower.

Learning The Model, as taught by Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School was one of the “clicking” moments of my weight loss journey. Understanding this process of the think-act-feel cycle in a tool that can help you practice getting results is a huge accelerated to your goals. It’s a superpower of it’s own: Awareness.

Facebook LIVE demo of The Model

In my Facebook LIVE today (above) I did a shallow dive into the topic and its impact on my weight loss. Becoming a Slay Detective is a process! Awareness of our thoughts, emotions and their impact on our results is the key to long term changes. Truly though, Brooke does it best and you should check out these videos of hers and she has free give aways as well!

Knowledge is power. Fill your superhero brain and binge some Brooke!

The Life Coach School (Brooke Castillo) YouTube resources on The Model:

The Model at The Life Coach School | Part 1

The Model at The Life Coach School | Part 2

The Model at The Life Coach School | Part 3

Podcasts: The Life Coach School Podcast

I seriously binged all that Brooke had to offer last year and implemented as much as possible. She is a great teacher, and I will continue to look forward to her podcast in my ear weekly!

Thank you Brooke, for the gifts you give the world! Way to use your magic sister!

Rise Sister Rise!



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